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A Woman's FreeStuff Central

Women Freebies Contest Winners

Congratulations to the following winners:

January 31/01 Valerie B. of Texas and J.Perry of Wa.

February 28/01 Alan M. of CA and Betty H. of CA.

March 31/01 Kathy B. of CA, Leann S. OF AR, Suzanne R of NV.

April 30/01 Kelly B. of OH, Nancy B of MO, Dorothy M of CA.

May 31/01 Theresa L of IL, Marina K of FL, Cynthia V of WV.

June 30/01 Lisa B. of ME, Tammy L OF PA, Jeanette k. of PA

July 31/01 Mary G. of IA, Lisa P. of IN. Sandy L of WV

Aug 30/01 Corina D of Tx, Margaret S of N.C., Linda E. of WI

Sept 30/01 Debbie B of IN, Clarissa E of KY, Kathy D of Fla

Oct 31/01 Nancy F of OH, Loretta C of NY, Angela G of Tn

Nov 30/01 Jodi B of MA, Theresa J of KY, Danielle M of MA

Dec 31/01 Inda M of NY, Patricia B of AL, Carol S of Fl

Jan 31/02 Virginia C of KY, Sandra C of AL, Crystal W of MO

Feb 28/02 Rochelle G of Fl, Chere G of AZ, Sherrie S of TX

Mar 31/02 Erin R of Ca, Suzanne F of OR, Angel B of OH

April 30/02 BArbara G of TX, Judi V of OH, Kim D of Pa, Gary N of Ca, Chere G of AZ, Angie B of Pa,

May 31/02 Regina F. of NY, Linda H. of NM, Gary N. of Ca (won last month too!),Suzen S. of NJ,Sandra M of II , Carol M. of WA

June 30/02 Diane H of Oh, Diane S of SC, Vickie V of NJ, Mary A. of Pa, Rena B. of MO.,Linda H of AL,

July 31/02 Helen H of MN, ERNESTINE H of CA,Bonnie B of KY , Sherry P. of IN,Theresa R of Oh , Pam M of LA,

Aug 31/02 Anna N of IN, Mary W of Pa, Joyce E of OR.

Sept 30/02 Carrie B of NJ, Dee J of NJ, Brenda S of OR.

Oct 31/02 Lisa T of FL, Betty T of KS, Carolyn Z of NV

Nov 30/02 Michelle D of Ms, Denise B of La, Melissa D of OH.

Dec 31/02 Betty C of AR, Sandy B of Pa, Tonya L of NC

Jan 31/03 Lena B of NY

Feb 28/03 Terry P, of OH.

Mar 31/03 Stacey H. of TN.

April 30/03 Mitzi L. of AL

May 31/03 Carol F. of CA

June 30/03 Annette G. of WI

July 31/03 Josylyn W of TX

August 31/03 Terri H. of VA

Sept 30/03 Carlette J of AR

Oct 31/03 Susn N of CA

Nov 30/03 Victoria C. of TN

Dec 30/03 Jennifer S. of ID

Jan 31/04 Suzan R. of NM

Feb 29/04 Jenita S of NJ

Mar 31/04 Linda J of OR

April 30/04 Tammy L of OH

May 31/04 Mimi C of AR

June 30/04 Cindy S of VA

July 31/04 Phyllis B of NY

August 31/04 Michelle E. of IL

September 30/04 Jackie W of MN

October 31/04 Robin P of WI

November 30/04 Patt H of IL

December 31/04 Deb B of TX

January 31/05 Christine H of MA

February 28/05 Kristin W of KS

March 31/05 Christy M of PA.

April 30/05 Christina N. of GA.

May 31/05 Valerie H of TX.

June 30/05 Ashley B. of KY.

July 31/05 Andrea P of AR.

August 31/05 Darby B. of WA.

September 30/05 Candice H. of AZ.

October 31/05 Cheyanne S of CA.

November 30/05 Renee S. of IL

December 31/05 Kristen K. of WI

January 31/06 Rebecca L. of FL.

February 28/06 Denise W. of NY.

March 31/06 Denise W. of NY.

April 30/06 Pat W. of FL.

May 31/06 Jeanette K. of PA

June 30/06 Lorelei G. of NY

July 31/06 Roneesha M. of IL

August 31/06 Cynthia T of NM

September 30/06 Lisa G. of FL.

October Felicia H. of MD.

November 30/06 Tarsha K. of IN.

December 31/06 Ruth M. of IL.

January 31/07 Irene V. of WA.

February 28/07 Mary N. of SC.

March 31/07 Michelle W.of NC.

April 30/07 Kitty S. of NY.

May 31/07 Christine W. of NY.

June 30/07 Deborah C. of IL

July 31/07 Barbara M. of IN.

Aug 31/07 John L. of FL.

Sept 30/07 Erin S. of CA.

Oct 31/07 Janice W. of IN.

Nov 30/07 Missy A. of WV.

Dec 31/07 Patty M. of CT

Jan 31/08 Dalila G. of MO

Feb 29/08 Shanna S. of NC

Mar 31/08 Shanna S. of NC

April 30/08 Eleanor H. of PA

May 31/08 Leighanne C. of FL

June 30/08 Linda M. of AL

July 31/08 Michelle G. of MI.

August 31/08 Suzy H. of OR.

September 30/08 Stacey S. of VA

October 31/08 Nyla T. of SD

November 30/08 Cheryl F of AL.

December 31/08 Christine K of PA

January 31/09 Luillian F of KY

February 28/09 Crystal M of PA

March 31/09 Benniece R of FL.

April 30/09 Shirley B. of SC

May 31/09 Barbara L. of MO

June 30/09 Liya S. of MN

July 31/09 Nyla T. of SD

Aug 31/09 Ronda M. of SC

September 30/09 Billie B. of MS

October 31/09 sara U. of NY

November 30/09 Jean W.of PA

December 31/09 Denise J. of PA

January 31/10 Lorie N. of VA

February 28/10 Rob M. of MI.

March 31/10 Rob M. of MI (No mistake, he won again.)

April 30/10 Audy A. of MN

May 31/10 Ashley H. od AL

June 30/10 Tammi W. of FL

July 31/10 Sharyn D. of MD.

August 31/10 Cheryl L. of ME.

September 30/10 Brenda J of IN

October 31/10 Nicole J. of Fl

November 30/10 Barbara S. of WI

December 31/10 Tova C. of NJ

January 31/11 Pam W. of MI

February 28/11 Elaine D. of Fl.

March 31/11 Tova C. of NJ

April 30/11 Deborah W. of GA.

May 31/11 Audrika M. of TN

June 30/11 Lisa H. of ILL.

July 31/11 Jennifer B. of NY

August 31/11 Angela M. of MI

September 30/11 Sarah O. of PA

October 31/11 Debbie S. of MT

November 30/11 Kelly K. of TX

December 31/11 Marilee K. of PA

January 31/12 It Alie M. of of AL

February 29/12 Nicole L. of CO

March 31/12 Sheila A. of NM

April 30/12 Kathi B. of NC

May 31/12 Kimberly S. of TX

June 30/12 Sheila A. of NM

July 31/12 Sheila A. of NM (Yes again.)

August 31/12 Connie W of WA

September 30/12 Tiffany L. of NC

October 31/12 Denise P. of N.C.

November 30/12 Dawn J. of MI

December 31/12 Alice C. of IN

January 31/13 Paula B. of OH

February 28/13 Gabrielle G. of CA

March 31/13 Ashley D. of CA

April 30/13 Amy P. of LA.

May 31/13 Melisa S. of Fl

June 30/13 Gloria W. of VA.

July 31/13 Shelia Z. of MA

August 31/13 Melissa B. of IL

September 30/13 Lindsay S. of NY

October 31/13 Linda B. of TX.

November 30/13 Melissa L. of MI

December 31/13 Amy B. of TX

January 31/14 Tracey S. of TX

February 28/14 Ava C. of IN

March 31/14 Waiting for confirmation or another name is drawn.

April 30/14 Could be you

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